Alpine Asylum

Why a website? Although available to the whole world, this website is entirely for me. It is a way for to organize and document some of the things that I do so that I can better remember them in the future. In this way I intend for the website to work in much the same way that a scrap book, diary or photo album would work only it has the added benefit of being public. Therefore, I can share it with friends and family.

Content Goals - I really like to ski. Once in a while I do a little climbing but I don't really do enough of that to call myself a climber. Along with skiing and climbing I generally just enjoy the outdoors. I also like to travel. In general I intend to focus the content of this site on those things with Skiing being the main focus but the content might vary considerably as time goes on.

About Me - My name is Daniel Buker. I'm not all that creative, that's why I don't have a creative web address. I live in Seattle. I'm married and I have a dog. I work as a structural engineer. I could go into more detail but...