Alpine Asylum

Silverstar Glacier

May 4, 2008

4am – Mazama, WA - somewhere along the Methow River

5:22am – Beginning the climb with an alpine start

The approach starts in the trees

Our objective comes into view (snow covered mountains make me happy)

Some people are still in bed, but the early bird gets the worm

The weather was nice

But the views kind of sucked

Our thighs were burning but with hopes of perfect corn snow we soldiered on

The skiing was ok I guess

I wish I was at work, this is boring. Plus it’s getting cloudy.

Quit messing around John, this is serious and you’re having too much fun. Stop smiling!

Maybe I’ll come back next year, too bad there aren’t any good mountains in Washington.

I’d like to thank:

        * President Lynden B. Johnson for having the wisdom to sign the North Cascades National Park Bill
        * The Washington State Department of Transportation for working so diligently to open SR-20 before all of the snow has melted
        * My wife for loving me enough to let me get away once in a while (and for mowing the lawn while I was gone)